Assessment and Recommendations for a Specific IT Challenge (FREE!)

  • Trying or thinking of implementing a particular solution (BI, ERP, CRM, BPMS, etc.)?
  • Concerned about unstable IT environment, frequent system outages and/or security breaches?
  • Having issues with data quality, integrity and timely information availability?
  • A technology project is delayed and there seems to be “no light at the end of the tunnel”?
  • Wondering if you may be missing out on buzz words like “BYOD”, “Cloud”, “Big Data”, “IoT”, “Machine Learning” and whether they can bring value to your organisation?
  • Do IT suppliers treat you well or maybe there is an opportunity to cut costs or get better value?
  • Anything else?

We can carry out a small but focused Technology Audit and produce a list of observations and recommendations, tweaking those recommendations based on the unique needs and constraints of your organization and for no cost to your company. We will do the necessary research and connect you with trusted professional service providers and vendors who will then deal with those particular challenges (do the actual work).

Nothing is free. What’s the catch?

  • It is obviously an opportunity to market our services and engage with new customers
  • It is also an opportunity to strengthen our current partnership network and develop new connections
  • We are a new company and currently experimenting with “less traditional” revenue model. If it works we will continue with it. If it doesn’t… well… better engage us now while we are doing it for free
  • Besides that, there is no gimmick and no obligations.

How does it work then?

  1. Get in touch with us and describe your challenge with as much preciseness and focus as you can
  2. We engage you into more facts gathering, which should ultimately result in arranging for a 1 day long site visit with timed agenda and availability commitment from identified individuals
  3. An NDA gets signed before coming
  4. We spend 1 day on site collecting more information pertaining to the matter at hand
  5. Within 2 weeks (depending on the case) we get back to you with documented findings and recommendations
  6. If everything goes well and, let’s say, you engage with our recommended provider we won’t just abandon you, but will do regular checks on the progress and your level of satisfaction with that provider

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