CIO for Rent Services

Does any of those scenarios look familiar?

  1. Your business has been growing, can no longer operate on paper or spreadsheets, and likely is in need of more serious computerized automation than your “IT go-to guy” can offer.
  2. Your business has experienced a burst of growth. Your customers became bigger and more numerous. They need better and more accurate turnaround times with less human but more digital transactions. But the IT department seems to be completely swamped by daily activities, dealing with frequent outages and unable to react to those increasing demands with due diligence and promptness.
  3. You are concerned about growing IT expenditures that don’t seem to yield any new innovative and useful solutions, but are nevertheless justified by some obscure techy needs.
  4. Your Head of IT left (or just about to), and finding an adequate replacement is taking a long time or no longer makes sense due to IT being mostly outsourced or restructured.
  5. You are about to undertake a major initiative, such as a merger, an office move, or a large-scale system implementation, where you might require a senior-level IT executive with prior experience.

Whether it is 1,2,3, 4, 5 or any combination of those, there is a deficiency in IT Leadership capacity and a gap between IT and business strategy within your company, and you must react quickly.

We can offer you a seasoned professional to become part of your leadership team at a fraction of the cost on temporary, interim or part-time contract basis to close this gap or buy more time while helping to resolve the situation permanently.

  • Does your IT team have a vision?
  • Do you have the right skills in your technology team?
  • Are they focusing on the projects that address your top strategic needs?
  • Is the team structured in the optimal way to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness?

We have a comprehensive approach for gauging the health of the technology and maturity of IT organisation as well as its alignment with business strategy, and will focus on driving the most relevant changes by bringing people, processes, technologies and the right partnerships together.

We have a successful track record of facilitating technological aspects of mergers and acquisitions, moving offices to other cities and area codes, implementing ERP, CRM, B2B, etc.

And by the way, you won’t have to worry about benefits, bonuses, etc.

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