Are you comfortable with the facts and conclusions delivered to you by the mainstream media about COVID-19 pandemic, etc.? Do you laugh at the fringe news outlets or those are your main sources of information? Or, perhaps, you wanted to "stay out of it" but no longer feel comfortable doing what you've been told to do blindly?

Welcome to COVID and Stuff Trivia!

It is designed to provoke thoughts and potentially dispel some misconceptions about COVID-19 pandemic and related subjects.

We will also humbly and humorously place you within a spectrum of political "left" and "right" (or something like that - you will see) to give you an additional incentive to complete the quiz. Such placement is for sheer entertainment - more to ridicule how unduly politicized and divisive this area has become. So take it lightly (or not).

  • Anonymous, unless you decide to Feedback and Support and give your name there.
  • No time limit.
  • You are welcome to do research before answering - it's always a good thing! However, going by your "gut feel" might be more revealing.
  • Understand the answers -  they might give you clues for the next question.
  • Some questions are Canada and Ontario specific - sorry if those are of no interest to you, but hopefully they will prompt you to ask similar question about your neck of the woods.


P.S. The quiz is built upon a principle to only include undisputable facts with full attribution to the sources or foundational knowledge. If you find anything dubious or have any other thoughts to share, PLEASE do so through Feedback and Support!

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