Register DR Modeler Interest

DR Modeler is currently available as a locally installed Application, the use of which would require installation and guided implementation. We are working on making it into a friendlier SaaS (web-based) solution. 

By registering your interest NOW you are guaranteed a free DR Modeler SaaS account in the future.

We welcome partnership from developers and companies playing in the field of ITSM (IT Service Management) and CMDB/CMS (ServiceNow and alike) as well as those specializing in Business Continuity Management  and IT DR Planning.

DR Modeler is designed to:

  • Organize all your DRP relevant information through an intuitive interface with built-in review cycles and automatic alerts.
  • Connect technical recovery and prioritize it according to Business Needs based on weighed importance of Business Functions deemed critical in Disaster Recovery Mode.
  • Produce printable DRP Documentation with instructions, contact information, protocols, recovery instructions, etc. including graphical representation of anticipated recovery timelines for various DR scenarios.
  • Simulate Recovery from a given DRP Scenario allowing to iron out many wrinkles of the DR Plan prior to engaging into the real very time consuming and laborious DR test.