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IT DR Planning with Business Continuity alignment (Framework, Modeling)

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Early understanding of the ownership costs (TCO) mitigates ERP implementation pitfalls

In a nut shell Why TCO? ERP systems are crucial to streamline operations and resources. ERP effectiveness is commonly expressed as Return on Investment (ROI)  used to justify investment in ERP. But the ROI is meaningless or, worse, misleading, if ERP costs are poorly gauged. Historically, many ERP deployment projects (including Cloud-based) underestimated the business […]

Will teaming up with UiPath help SAP meet 2025 ECC maintenance objectives?

SAP and UiPath team up on bringing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to accelerate digital transformation for businesses and ease their migration to SAP S/4HANA®. Those solutions automate the regression testing process that normally takes months of work, and demands highly skilled labor. Such partnership has very obvious benefits for UiPath, but there is probably more […]

SAP partners up with Uber Freight to bring the freight industry to the next level of automation, and better the environment

SAP and Uber Freight are taking on a joint venture to integrate Uber Freight into SAP Logistics Business Network.  The goal is to simplify load management and execution by letting customers leverage transportation rates from Uber Freight network of reliable drivers. As a positive “side effect”, better utilization of unused trucks can make a positive […]

Will RPA exacerbate bad process habits as time goes by?

I can’t help but notice that while RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is normally considered to be a good companion of the Business Process Management Automation, it can easily become an adversary of a quality BPM. Many processes, subject to RPA, are notoriously inefficient. It is very tempting to replace slow human beings with fast robots, […]

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