SAP partners up with Uber Freight to bring the freight industry to the next level of automation, and better the environment

SAP and Uber Freight are taking on a joint venture to integrate Uber Freight into SAP Logistics Business Network.  The goal is to simplify load management and execution by letting customers leverage transportation rates from Uber Freight network of reliable drivers. As a positive “side effect”, better utilization of unused trucks can make a positive impact on environment. For those looking a convincing reason to go with one Supply Chain Management System or ERP vendor over the other, this might be it.

“For the world’s biggest shippers, a digitalized supply chain is critical to their success,” said Bill Driegert, Uber Freight. “Uber Freight is partnering with SAP to bring shippers and carriers together at the level where freight decisions are being made. This is a new innovative tech-forward approach to freight; and it means shippers can spend less time sourcing quotes and capacity and therefore more time getting goods to market.”

Everybody wins in such scenario improving utilization, reducing time to plan and costs of shipping operations:

  • shippers gain access a large pool of drivers;
  • carriers and drivers are able to choose loads that suites their abilities

Our Take

Supply Chain Management System giants like SAP continue to adopt the trendy technologies and collaborate with the innovators working in the space.

Considering that any given SCM System implementation is expected to last for a decade or so, the foresight baked into engagement with a vendor that invests in “future tech” will likely pay off huge dividends within the lifespan of that SCMS. This is an important factor to consider when selecting a suitable SCM platform for a company.

Needless to say, that environmental ethics can and should play a significant role in the SCMS, ERP or any other Enterprise Application selection decision.

These are just a couple of not so obvious but important considerations that every company should be contemplating, when developing a strategic and holistic approach to an Enterprise Application adoption.

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